Shanghai’s First Exhibition of Calligraphy, Painting and Photography Works from Students of All Nationalities

By: Yu Hong/ From: School of Humanities and Arts/ Date:1015,2020/ View:10Set up the

On the afternoon of October 14th, the “Respect to China” Exhibition of calligraphy, painting and photography works from students of all nationalities of the School of Humanities and Arts opened in the Museum of Calligraphy and Paintings in Pudong Campus. Li Shiping (Chair of the University Council), Zhao Rongshan (Vice President), Li Yanshao (the director of the CPC Committee Office & CPC United Front Work Department), Tian Lei (the deputy director of Shanghai Science and Technology and Arts Education Center), and Le Feng (a teacher of the School of Humanities and Arts and a well-known calligraphy, painting and landscape artist) attended the Opening Ceremony. Leaders from SLU departments, teacher and student representatives, and the exhibitors (students from all nationalities) attended the Ceremony. The Ceremony was presided over by Yao Huilan (the deputy secretary of the general Party branch and deputy dean of the School of Humanities and Arts). Zhao Rongshan announced the opening of the Exhibition, and the online exhibition hall, as the first online exhibition hall for students’ works among China’s universities of finance and economics, also opened simultaneously. (Click to enter the online exhibition hall.)

At the Opening Ceremony, Li Shiping praised the beneficial practice of the School of Humanities and Arts in combining the education of national unity with the excellent traditional Chinese culture and the education of students’ humanistic and artistic quality through the Exhibition. He also expressed the following hopes. Firstly, the young students of ethnic minorities should stay true to the mission, believe in with their ideals and beliefs, establish a patriotic feeling, share weal and woe and unite as one, and vigorously promote the spirits of the nation and times. Secondly, they should be diligent, study hard, develop excellent skills, and maintain the sense of urgency that “those who do not progress every day are drifting downstream every day” and the sense of mission of “everyone is responsible for the rise and fall of the world”. Thirdly, they should take on the important mission of being the practitioners, promoters and guardians of national unity and progress in the new era, so as to promote the unity and progress of all ethnic groups, strengthen the identification of the great motherland, the Chinese nation Chinese Culture, the Communist Party of China and socialism with Chinese characteristics, and consolidate and develop the ideological basis of national unity.

Tian Lei believed that the Exhibition, by displaying the calligraphy, painting and photography works of ethnic minority students and Han students, eulogizes, praises, and celebrates the 71stanniversary of the foundation of the People’s Republic of China; it integrates the education of national unity and patriotism and the inheritance of excellent traditional Chinese culture, and shows SLU’s achievements in combining the characteristics of “physical and artistic education” and cultivating high-level financial talents. Huang Min (the secretary of the general Party branch of the School of Humanities and Arts) reviewed the preparatory process of the Exhibition. Kang Mengqi and Ayijia (exhibitor representatives) shared their experience in the exhibition. The Opening Ceremony came to an end in the passionate singing of I love you, China by all teachers and students.

With the theme of “Respect to China”, the Exhibition collects 71 works from students of more than ten ethnic nationalities (including the Uyghur, Kazakh, Tibetan, Russian, Mongolian, Hui, Man, Zhuang, Miao, Tu, Bai, Buyi, Dong, Yi, Gelao and Han nationalities), and all of the works were compiled and printed in a book. The Exhibition has attracted the attention of and was reported by many media institutions, such as, Shanghai Observer News, Shanghai Morning Post, Xinmin Evening News, Shanghai Radio Station, Pudong TV Station, etc.


(Photos by Wen Xin)