Autumn On-campus Job Fairs Held for 2021 Graduates

By: Chen Hu, Zhao Wei/ From: Admission and Employment Office/ Date:1029,2020/ View:10Set up the

In order to actively help graduates to get their ideal jobs, the autumn on-campus job fairs for 2021 graduates were held in Songjiang campus and Pudong campus of Shanghai Lixin University of Accounting and Finance (SLU) respectively on October 21 and 28. Li Shiping, Chair of the University Council of SLU, Yang Li, Vice Chair of the University Council and President of SLU and Wang Junhua, Vice Chair of the University Council and Vice President of SLU visited the fairs.

Li Shiping talked with the graduates and employers taking part in the fairs, and he hoped that the graduates should take the initiative in job search and actively address the employment pressure under the new situation of economic downturn. He emphasized that employment is not only the top priority for realizing the goals of “Stability on Six Fronts” and “Security in Six Areas”, but also the foundation of people's livelihood. SLU should actively implement the CPC Central Committee's decisions and arrangements, further strengthen the communication with industries and enterprises, and carry out proper research on the employment needs of enterprises.

Yang Li learned more about the employers and graduates at the site and thanked the enterprises to recruit outstanding students in SLU. He stressed that under the normalization of epidemic prevention and control, SLU should achieve the close integration of market demand and discipline construction, continuously strengthen the employment orientation of professional education, thus providing application-oriented financial workforce for the market in a better way.

Wang Junhua had in-depth communication with some students and alumni enterprises, and he hoped that the students could make a good job planning, find their own positioning, and realize their goals for job search as soon as possible. He also suggested to strengthen the prediction of current and future employment situation, and comprehensively support the employment of graduates through multiple channels.

A total of 242 enterprises took part in the two fairs, most of which are based in the Yangtze River Delta region, covering accounting firms, banking, securities, insurance, trade, real estate and other industries. Particularly, Shanghai Construction Group, Shanghai Waigaoqiao Free Trade Zone International Talent Services Limited and Shanghai Human Resources Consulting Association even visited SLU as a group to recruit talents. The two fairs provided more than 780 jobs with a total of 6,500 positions, covering all specialties and academic levels of SLU. The fairs attracted nearly 2,000 students and the number of participants was higher than the same period in previous years. The graduates made full preparations for the target enterprises and actively submitted their resumes, and some graduates reached preliminary employment agreement with employers.


Under the normalization of epidemic prevention and control, in order to ensure the safety and order of the fairs and achieve maximum results, the Admission and Employment Office made careful preparations by taking multiple measures. First, it carried out accurate research and judgment, took actions early, developed the work plan in time, refined the labor division, and made fine design for the whole process and all links of the job fairs; second, it adopted a method of combining online and offline fairs. The staff visited and had the face-to-face talks with some outstanding enterprises in each industrie, and send invitations to enterprises through precise push methods such as telephone, email, employment information service network, and the WeChat official account Lixin Employment Service; third, it ensured the smooth progress of the fairs by efficient organization. According to the relevant requirements for epidemic prevention and control, the staff designed the participation process for employers and graduates in a scientific manner, enhanced the closed-loop service for the full process of employers’ registration review, return visits, health screening, and security access, underlining the accuracy of data and the clarity of personnel and process in every link, in order to ensure the safety and order of the fairs; fourth, it provided quality services and strong support. The venues provided on-site convenient services such as career consultation, makeup, and AI interview experience, supporting graduates for their job hunting. On that day, more than 60 volunteers from the Student Career Development Association carried out on-site services and questionnaire surveys.


The two fairs were strongly supported by the CPC Committee Office, President's Office, CPC Committee Publicity Office, CPC Committee Security Department, Department of Logistics and Services, School of Physical Education and Health and other departments.


In order to implement the requirements of stabilizing employment in a better way, SLU will hold another two comprehensive on-campus job fairs in mid-to-late November, and actively urge various schools to organize small-scale recruitment activities based on their major characteristics.

Photos by Chen Hu & Zhao Wei


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