SLU Dumplings on CCTV-1 with a Strong New Year Atmosphere

By: Wang Lei / From: CPC Committee Publicity Office & Department of Teachers Affairs/ Date:0205,2021/ View:10Set up the

CCTV-1 ten o’clock Evening News on February 4 reported SLU celebration of “Xiao Nian” (Chinese Little New Year). As the headline of the 2-minute feature describes——a Bite of Hometown Food, an Ease of Homesick Sorrow: A Tribute to the Stay-behind——SLU teachers and students tasted self-made dumplings, merrily wrote Spring Festival couplets, printed the God of Door and made paper-cut for window decoration. These exuberant festival activities are shared traditions enjoyed in different parts of China, where SLUers come from. CCTV reporter interviewed SLU Vice President Gu Xiaomin, who introduced this on-campus event, and several students (Mei Siyu, Meng Kexin, and Zhou Guanlan), who shared their thoughts and feelings.



(Photos by the News Center)