Ten SLU Courses Included in the List of Top Undergraduate Courses in Shanghai in 2021

By: Guo Jialin/ From: Teaching Affairs Office/ Date:1208,2021/ View:10Set up the

On December 7th, 2021, the Shanghai Municipal Education Commission unveiled the list of top undergraduate courses of institutions of higher education in Shanghai in 2021, of which ten courses were from the Shanghai Lixin University of Accounting and Finance (SLU).

In recent years, SLU has been endeavoring to develop curriculum, improve the quality of existing courses, further integrate modern information technology with instruction, encourage faculty to carry out innovation and reform for instruction and enhance the capabilities and level of instructors to apply online and mixed instruction to lay a good foundation for developing high-quality courses and applying for their inclusion in the list of top undergraduate courses. Throughout the application process, the schools of SLU applied and recommended courses, while instructors summarized the outcomes of course development and filled out documents for application. And the Teaching Affairs Office invited experts to provide training and guidance and review the documents to be submitted. Thanks to the concerted efforts of SLU and its schools and instructors, quite a few courses made it into the list of top undergraduate courses.

SLU will continually work to aim for top courses in Shanghai, and develop high-level and practical talents with these courses.

SLU Courses in the List of Top Undergraduate Courses in Shanghai in 2021









School of Statistics and Mathematics

Applied Regression Analysis


Yu Haodong

Premium online course


School of Statistics and Mathematics

Theory of Probability

An Yu’e

Mixed course (online+offiline)


School of Law

International Law

Jin Huihua

Mixed course (online+offiline)


School of International Economics and Trade


Yang Zhifeng

Mixed course (online+offiline)


School of Finance

International Finance


Lu Chunyi

Mixed course (online+offiline)


School of Law

Criminal Procedure Law


Su Hongfeng

Mixed course (online+offiline)


School of Accounting

Corporate Value Assessment Experiment

Guo Yu

Mixed course (online+offiline)


School of Information Management

ERP Principle and Application

Hu Cuihua

Mixed course (online+offiline)


School of Accounting

Corporate Governance

Guo Siyong

Mixed course (online+offiline)


School of Finance and Public Administration

International Tax Primer

Luo Qin

English course for demonstration purpose