BDO China Shu Lun Pan CPAs Donation Ceremony Held

By: Li Zheng/ From: Publicity Office & Teachers Affairs Department/ Date:1227,2021/ View:10Set up the

On the afternoon of December 27th, 2021, the BDO China Shu Lun Pan CPAs Donation Ceremony was held in the Auditorium 301 at the Student Center on the Shangchuan Road Campus of Shanghai Lixin University of Accounting and Finance (SLU). Chairman of BDO China Shu Lun Pan CPAs (Shu Lun Pan CPAs in short) and Class of 1986 graduate Zhu Jiandi donated 10 million yuan to SLU on behalf of Shu Lun Pan CPAs. The ceremony was attended by President of Shu Lun Pan CPAs Yang Zhiguo and its executives Zhou Qi, Zhang Weibin, Pan Lihua, Zhou Feng and Zhang Yuan, as well as the SLU leadership and heads of its functional departments. Vice Chair of the SLU University Council and Vice President of SLU Wang Junhua chaired the ceremony.

Chair of the SLU University Council Xie Chao awarded BDO the medal “Award of Outstanding Contribution to Education”, conferred the honorary title “Outstanding Alumnus” on Zhu Jiandi. Xie expressed his sincere gratitude to Zhu and his firm for their strong support to SLU, saying that Shu Lun Pan CPAs shares the origin with SLU and has been unwavering in its support to SLU’s development. Zhu and Shu Lun Pan CPAs have donated 5 million yuan to the Pan Xulun Education Development Foundation through the Pan Xulun Scholarship and the Student Scientific Innovation Scholarship, to motivate SLU students. The 10 million yuan donated to build the Pan Xulun Memorial (temporarily named) in a bid to sustain the educational philosophy of the former SLU President Pan Xulun and underpin the development of SLU. With respect to the further of SLU, Xie proposed three expectations: first, carry forward Master Pan’s spirit and the vision of SLU to nurture those who can assume major responsibilities; second, adopt a “three-in-one” strategy to further integrate business with education and bring broad prospects for cooperation and win-win results; and third, bring together human resources based on the network of SLU’s alumni to embrace an even brighter future for the SLU. SLU will work together with Chairman Zhu and his firm as well as the domestic and international alumni of SLU and friends from all walks of the life, Xie said, to contribute to the efforts to build “Five Centers” for Shanghai and turn it into an international metropolis with socialist modernization and global impact.

Vice Chair of the SLU University Council and President of SLU Yang Li accepted the donation and delivered a speech on behalf of SLU. Yang said that Chairman Zhu and his firm have long been committed to charity, including donation to education, which has supported SLU’s development. Xie praised Zhu for his contribution to SLU as a respect for his instructors while making huge business success, saying that what he did reflects Pan’s spirit and each and every one of the SLU faculty and students should learn from him. Looking ahead, Xie talked of SLU that should find itself at a more specific position in China’s talent, innovation and industrial chains, act more proactively to align with the high-quality development of the modern service industry in Shanghai and the Yangtze River Delta, and seize opportunities, find appropriate targets, bring into play its advantages, be proactive, improve quality and enable people as it seeks to turn itself into a high-level and practical university specializing in finance and economics, in an effort to contribute even more intellectual support and manpower to the economic and social development of Shanghai and the country and carry forward the SLU’s accounting undertakings that Mr. Pan initiated.

In his speech, Zhu said that the spirit of SLU that Mr. Pan embodies is the eternal treasure for the faculty and students of SLU who should pursue throughout their life patriotism, dedication, perseverance, thrift and integrity just as Mr. Pan did in his life and carry forward his undertakings. Zhu also said that donating to the establishment of the memorial is what SLU has longed for, and expected to build the memorial with the donation of Shu Lun Pan CPAs to allow more people to see what Mr. Pan has done and written in his lifetime to understand and learn from him, and understand and carry forward the spirit of SLU.

An awards ceremony to confer the “Jiandi Scientific Innovation Award” was held in the middle of the donation ceremony, where Zhu presented the students with the award.


Founded by Mr. Pan in Shanghai in 1927, Shu Lun Pan CPAs is one of the oldest and most influential accounting firms in China. Thanks to the development in the past 90 years and more, Shu Lun Pan CPAs has taken a leading position in business scale, service quality and public image. Since 2001, it has topped the rankings of China’s accounting firms in terms of the quantity of reports for auditing the listed companies in the country. Zhu is the deputy to the 13th National People’s Congress, a senior member of the Chinese Institute of Certified Public Accountants (CICPA) and a graduate of SLU’s Class of 1986. In addition to the Chairman of Shu Lun Pan CPAs, he is also Managing Director of the CICPA, Head of the Shanghai Institute of Certified Public Accountants, member of the Finance and Accounting Commission of the Securities Association of China, Deputy Head of Shanghai Services Federation, and President of the Council of the China Accounting Museum. As one of the outstanding SLU alumni, Zhu has always upheld Mr. Pan’s inculcation of maintaining integrity to aspire, defend principles, handle things and deal with people that would finally lead to success, with which he has led Shu Lun Pan CPAs with perseverance all along to make great contribution to accounting and its culture.


(Photo by Xin Xin)