AI Finance · Smart Future: 2022 WAIC Smart Finance Forum

By: Xu Xin/ From: School of Information Management / Date:0902,2022/ View:10Set up the

On September 2, the 2022 World Artificial Intelligence Conference “AI Finance · Smart Future” Forum was held at the Bund Center in Huangpu District, Shanghai. Experts and scholars from the government, universities and the industry discussed the application and future trend of AI technology in the financial field. Vice Chair of the CPC Committee and President of SLU Professor Yang Li, Deputy District Chief of Huangpu District Wang Nai, and Vice President of Shanghai University of Finance and Economics Professor Liu Lanjuan attended the forum and delivered speeches. The forum was instructed by the Organizing Committee of the World Artificial Intelligence Conference, organized by the Intelligent Finance Research Center of SLU and the Science and Technology Committee of Huangpu District, and undertaken by Huangpu Science and Technology Innovation Group and the Zhongzheng Daguang Fund.

Yang Li said that the school attached great importance to the revolutionary impact of AI on education, especially financial education, released a batch of high-quality research results such as China (Shanghai) New Financial Development Report 2019-2020, and established the first financial technology major in China. The digital economy, intelligent science and technology majors also enrolled students for the first time in 2022. The school will further integrate resources, make greater strides in scientific research, talent training, and social services in the field of intelligent finance, and contribute to the construction of Shanghai's artificial intelligence highland and the upgrading of the international financial center.

On the forum, the Smart Finance Research Center of our school held the inaugural ceremony of the first advisory committee. Professor Liu Lanjuan, Vice President of Shanghai University of Finance and Economics, served as the Director of the Advisory Committee, Professor Dou Yifan, Deputy Director of the Department of Information Management and Business Intelligence of Fudan University, Professor Zhong Ninghua, Deputy Dean of the School of Economics and Management of Tongji University, Professor Han Jingti, Dean of the Institute of Financial Science and Technology of Shanghai University of Finance and Economics, Professor Hu Naijing, Dean of the School of Information Management of our University, Yang Xuesong, Chairman of Jiarui Technology, and Huang Xin, CEO of Zhongzheng Dazhong Fund, served as consultants. Yang Li and members of the Advisory Committee jointly promoted the establishment of the first Advisory Committee of the Smart Finance Research Center.

In the part of keynote speeches, Professor Hu Naijing delivered a report titled “Development of Intelligent Financial Talents based on Financial and Economic Big Data”, where she said the focus should be put on cultivation of data-based thinking, knowledge and ability, and improvement of teaching content, method and resource reconstruction and practical teaching based on data thinking. In the report titled “US Robo-Advisers”, Professor Zhong Ninghua introduced three mainstream models of robo-advisers, their history in the US and the latest trends of robo-advisers in China. Huang Wei, General Manager of the Information Technology Department of Guotai Junan Securities, delivered a report titled “Exploration and Application of Artificial Intelligence in the Securities Industry”, where he introduced the application of digital human and artificial intelligence technology in robo-advisers, intelligent operations, intelligent risk control and intelligent operation and maintenance. Professor Liu Jianguo, Vice Dean of the Institute of Financial Science and Technology of Shanghai University of Finance and Economics, delivered the report titled “Research on Index Enhancement Strategy Based on Social Computing”, where he introduced the index enhancement investment strategy based on the annual accounting report, the quantitative trading strategy based on in-depth learning, and the quantitative trading strategy based on cluster concern behaviors. Jiang Long, CEO of DataYes, delivered a report titled “New Paradigm of Investment Research in the Age of Big Data”, where he introduced the application of knowledge mapping technology in reasoning, demonstration and prediction in investment research. Huang Xin delivered a report titled “Exploration of Fund Digitization and Intelligence”, where he introduced the application of artificial intelligence technologies such as digital RMB, blockchain, federal learning, and virtual human in the fund industry.

In the round table discussion part, Hu Naijing, Liu Jianguo, Yang Xuesong, Chairman of Huangpu Science and Technology Innovation Group Liang Guo, CEO of Ruitian Capital Xu Xiaobo, and General Manager of TalkingData Xu Zheng for the financial industry jointly discussed intelligent financial technology and the trend of their application.

This forum is aimed at exploring the research results and latest issues of the innovation in integrating artificial intelligence technology with the securities and fund industry, allowing scholars, entrepreneurs and technical experts to share their latest views and outcomes, displaying the representative products of intelligent financial businesses, demonstrating the beautiful prospect of intelligent finance, and promoting the two-way empowerment of artificial intelligence technology and the financial industry by building an intelligent financial exchange platform among the government, universities and the business community.

(Photo by Xu Xin)