Modern Coins Museum

Shanghai Finance University Modern Coins Museum

    Shanghai Finance University Modern Coins Museum, the first contemporary coin museum in China, was officially opened open to the public on May 26, 2012. The museum has become the venue to spread the coin knowledge, display the coin culture and conduct the coin research. It is part of the university culture and a teaching practice base popular among the students.

    The Museum consists of four parts, namely, “Contemporary Official Ware”, “Chinese Coins”, “World Coins”, and “Exquisite Craftsmanship”. These four parts illustrate China’s contemporary gold and silver coins from the aspects of basic knowledge, classical variety, subject series and manufacturing arts.

    “The Contemporary Official Ware” consists of five parts, mainly introducing the modern gold and silver coins, contemporary souvenir coins, the basic knowledge of contemporary coin issue and circulation system, the master of contemporary gold and silver coins art and their masterpieces as well as gold and silver coins that the P.R.C has issued so far.

    The first two unites of “Chinese Coins” focus on gold and silver coins about China’s traditional culture, art and the Chinese Zodiac. The third unit displays the gold and silver coins which have won international and domestic awards. The fourth unit displays a variety of Panda Coins, and panda is the Chinese treasure.

    “World Coins” is about special exhibitions whose topic changes periodically.

    “Exquisite Craftsmanship” is about the craftwork procedure and features of contemporary gold and silver coins. It presents the rare-to-see materials and documents such as the design draft, plaster could, steel mould and representative coins of different craftsmanship.

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    Modern Coins Museum Video

    2006 1oz the 10th Anniversary of Jinan City Commercial Bank Panda Commemorative Silver Coin

    The diagonal reeded edge technique is applied to this coin. The reeded edge of a coin is the series of grooved lines that encircle the perimeter. If the lines are not perpendicular to the surface of the coin, it is then called diagnonal reeded edge. This coin is one of the "three precious" of the commercial bank stamped panda silver coins.

    1981 1oz the 70th Anniversary of Xin Hai Revolution Commemorative Silver Coin

    The designer and sculptor of this coin is Mr. Luo Xingsha and Mr.Luo Yonghui. The actual issued number is 3961.

    1985 Chinese Outstanding Historical Figures Commemorative Gold Coin——Confucius Kong Zi Porcelain Plate Plated with Copper Powder

    The porcelain plate's picture is the same as the reverse of the Confucius Kong Zi gold coin (China famous historical people series). The designer is famous sculptor Mr. Gu Xingbao. The plate was produced for 200 pieced only. According to Mr Zhu Chunde and Mr GuXing bao's memory, the plates were delivered to people who have contribution to the Chinese gold coins as gift from the CBPMC. Only very few has gone into the market.

    1985 1oz the 30th Anniversary of the Founding of Xinjiang Uigur Autonomous Region Commemorative Silver Coin

    This coin is co-designed by Mr Zhu Chunde, Mr Sun Qiling and Mr Tong Youming. The mintage is 3000 but actual issue is 1400. It is one of the best of Chinese small size silver coins.

    1981 China Unearthed Artifacts(Bronze Ware) Commemorative Gold Coins(1st Set)

    This set contains 4 coins, the reverse being: elephant statue, rhinoceros statue, inlaying gold leopard statue and double-winged mythological animal statue. The mirror surface of the coins are extremely well-done, the frost effect is very fine. This set is an excellent combination of art and technique.

    1982 15g Chinese Ren Xu Year(Year of the Dog) Commemorative Silver Coin

    This is the first coin that stand onto the world coin award. It is awarded with the 1982 "Best Crown Coin". The designer of this coin is Mr Wang Fude from Shenyang Mint. The original picture of this coin is the Chinese painting master Mr Liu JIyou's "Li Quan Tu"

    1992 Chinese Ren Shen Year(Year of the Monkey) 5oz Gold Coin

    The observe of the coin is the famous building in north China – Huan Que Lou. The reverse is from Chinese painting master Huang Junbi's "Da Shou Tu". This is the first coin of the "Lunar year gold coin 99 mintage club".

    1993 20oz Ancient Chinese Famous Painting Series Commemorative Silver Coin-Two Peacocks

    The reverse of the coin is from Giuseppe Castiglione's master piece. The designer and sculptor worked on it to transfer the picture into sculpture. It is awarded with COTY's "Best Silver Coin" in 1993 for its excellence.

    2001 2oz Chinese Grottoes Art Commemorative Silver Coin - Dun Huang

    The observe image of the coin is the Dun Huang Mo Gao Ku No.328 Buddha image. The high sculpture and sand blasting technique is applied to the coin. The Buddha's image was vividly presented on the coin. This coin was awarded with COTY's "Best Silver Coin" in 2001.

    1983 22g Marco Polo Commemorative Silver Coin

    This coin was awarded with COTY's "Most Historieally Signifieant Coin" in 1983.

    1993 5oz Marco Polo Commemorative Silver Coin

    This coin's actual issue is 1504. This coin has two varieties: big date and small date. The ratio of two versions is about 1:4, the big date is very rare. Besides the date difference of two versions, the reverse image of Marco Polo, the Chinese "Yuan" character and the "A" of "Age" are different too.

    International Year of the Child Silver Coins

    In 1976, with the proposal from the government of Philippine, year 1979 is announced as the international children's year by the 31th United Nation meeting. The purpose of this decision is to encourage the world in developing and enhancing the children's protection, education and welfare. More than 30 countries including China, Philippine and Lector issued silver coin for the international children's year. Most of the countries are under development countries. The children represents the country's future and hope. The design of the coin's image reflects this theme.

    International Children’s Year Gold and Silver Commemorative Coins Issuance Ceremony Photo

    Photo of PRC first American ambassador Mr Chai Zhemin shaking hands with the former US Secretary of State Dr. Henry Alfred Kissinger

    First Draft of 1979 1/2oz International Children’s Year Commemorative Gold Coin

    Year 1979, the Shanghai Mint appointed art specialist Mr. Chen Jian (at age of 38) to be the designer of the International Children's Year. The first draft of Mr. Chen Jian show on the reverse there is a little girl kneed down and watering a flow. When the draft was presented to Ms. Chen Muhua she pointed out that the image should include a boy. Mr Chen Jian refined the draft for several times and finalized with the picture we see here today: a boy hold a plate and a girl watering the flower.

    1980 The 13th Winter Olympic Games Gold Piefort Coin and 1980 China Olympic Committee Gold Piefort Coin

    These are the earliest sports coin and Olympics coin. The observes of the coins replaced "The People's Republic of China" with "The Olympic Committee of China"

    1996 150yuan 1kg Unicorn Commemorative Gold Coin

    This coin is resulted from producing a 1KG gold coin with the 20oz silver coin's mould, so this is an error coin or a pattern coin. The offical release of 1996 KG unicorn's reverse is the head of the unicorn and the face value is 2000 yuan, so this coin is an error coin. But because the official catalog never included this coin, we can consider it to be a pattern coin too. This coin's dealer was the Assets Marketing company in US, when they found the problem of this coin they wrote a letter to congratulate the customer who bought this coin.

    1983 11g Marco Polo Commemorative Gold Coin Off-Metal Strike in Copper

    Marco Polo series is one of the most attractive in PRC's international theme coins. The first issue was in 1983, including sizes of 1g gold , 2g silver, 11g gold, 22g silver. The design of the coins was very good with fine sculpture.

    1985 15g Chinese Yi Chou Year(Year of the Ox) Commemorative Silver Coin Pattern

    This pattern coin was found by the original dealer the Taisei Stamps & Coins of Singapore. There were two year of tiger silver coin in 1986 found together. This pattern coin is known as unique so far. The difference between it and the standard coin is the reverse there are differences in characters of“乙丑” “韩滉”、 “10元” and the ox's tail and feet.

    1988 27g the 15th Winter Olympic Games Commemorative Silver Coin(Matte)

    The Shenyang mint tested 35 silver coins of 1988 the 15th Winter Olympics Man's skiing and handed to German for testing of the blasting. The German team destroyed 10 during the testing and gave back to the Shenyang mint 10 cs, so there were 15 pattern coins remained in Germany. This coin is famous in the precious commemorative coins of PRC. The limited amount of only 15 pieces makes it precious.