Overseas Cooperation

The overseas cooperation SFU has been engaged in include: cooperative partnership established with financial action agency of UNEP; strategic cooperative partnership established with Ministry of Education Service Center; progress has been made in application for running Confucius Institute (School); project cooperation agreements signed with a total of 16 overseas institutions of higher learning which are from countries such as Hungary, Poland, Bulgaria, Austria, Belgium and Tanzania (those overseas institutions of higher learning include famous Carnegie Mellon University-Australia and University of Antwerp of Belgium); closer cooperation with China Daily Shanghai branch and Shanghai Newsummit Biopharma on building international students internship base.

Other related work include: Modification of regulations such as “Administrative Rules on Personnel Going Abroad on Business of Shanghai Finance University” and “Rules on Student Exchange of Shanghai Finance University”; revising school English website and upgrading regularly; facilitating international exchanges for faculty members and students.

Relevant figures: faculty members going abroad on business: 35 batches, 127 people; foreign visitors: 60 batches, 271 people; foreign teachers and experts introduction: 45 people; students on exchange program: 151 people annually; students pursuing graduate study overseas: 190 people; international students: 607 people (from 52 countries and regions).