Provincial Level

During the past five years, more than 100 of our research topics have been recognized as high-level & provincial/ministerial level research topics. These topics include: Shanghai Municipal Education Commission research topic; Shanghai Municipal Science & Technology Commission/Ministry of Education/Ministry of Finance soft science research project; Shanghai scientific innovation project; Shanghai philosophy & social science proposed projects etc.

In 2014, we won a first prize for “Shanghai Financial Industry Reform & Development Outstanding Research Achievements” and a second prize for “Shanghai Philosophy & Social Science Outstanding Research Achievements”. Increasingly, we have been entrusted with tasks regarding provincial/ministerial level research topics and horizontal research topics, among which there are 4 humanities/social science research projects from Ministry of Education, 1 Shanghai municipal government decision-making counseling research project, 2 Shanghai social science proposed research projects, 2 Shanghai education & science research projects, 1 Shanghai soft science research project and 3 scientific innovation research projects from Shanghai Municipal Education Commission. Research funds for vertical research topics total RMB 1.15 million. For the 18 horizontal research topics we are authorized to work on, we have received a total of RMB 1.46 million in funds. A number of our research achievements have been approved by leadership at national and local level. The annual bidding project of Shanghai International Finance Center construction base and research work have made initial progress. Annual blue paper on construction of Shanghai International Finance Center has been published.