Shanghai Municipal “Overseas Distinguished Scholars Program”

Shanghai Municipal “Overseas Distinguished Scholars Program” is set up in 2011 with the purpose to support and sponsor universities and colleges administered by Shanghai Education Commission to invite leading scholars and researchers to teach and conduct scientific research in Shanghai so that students can benefit directly from this kind of program and schools’ scientific research and connotation development will be improved.
Overseas Distinguished Scholars specially refer to world wide well-known foreign specialists and scholars who enjoy high reputation in respective academic fields. Once the application and the related academic projects get approved by Shanghai Education Commission, Shanghai Education Commission will provide RMB250,000 to the program as support funds; the duration of the program can be 1 year, 5 years in maximum duration. Professors are required to work at Shanghai school no less than 60 days every year. The 60 days could be accumulated and split into in different periods of a year.
Application materials needed to be submitted, including:

  1. ◆ Program application form

  2. ◆ 3 recommendation letters or reference letters (among these 3 letters at least 1 letter should be obtained from a specialist or institutions in the same or relevant field)

  3. ◆ Commitment letter from the Professors


Contact person in Shanghai Lixin University Accouting and Finance: Ms. Zhang 

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