Academy of “Belt and Road”

Introduction of the Academy of “Belt and Road”

The Academy of Belt and Road is an independent research agency that was established in July 2016 as an answer to the call of the “Belt and Road Initiative”. There are currently 8 office workers and researchers working at the institute. The Research Institute will give full play to our universities’ advantages in Finance & Economics and Literature & Law etc and provide information and decision counseling services on the “Belt and Road” international cooperation for governments, companies and other social organizations based on its main research on public services offered by countries and governments and the business environment along the Belt and Road.


The Academy of “Belt and Road”

1The Organization of Academic Workshops

Since 2016, the Research Institute has worked with universities and research institution such as Beijing International Studies University, East China Normal University, Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences, China National Defence Financial Research Institute, the Statecraft Institution to conduct three academic workshops with themes of “the response to the investment & trade and business environment along the Belt and Road”, “the mechanism and path of interconnectivity under the Belt and Road five-pronged approach” and “the Belt and Road and Sino-African relations” etc. The results of the workshop will be reported to some central departments.

The Research Institute also worked with Beijing International Studies University, the Belt and Road Think Tank Cooperation Alliance and International Promotion Association for the Belt and Road Initiative etc to conduct the third and fourth China High-level “Belt and Road” Investment & Security Forum and the Blue Paper China “Belt and Road” Investment & Security Research Report Press Release in Beijing in 2017 and 2018 respectively. The blue paper research results and the results of the Forum have received wide coverage by Xinhua News Agency, Guang Ming Daily, China Education Television, China Economic Daily and many other media organizations.


2The Organization of Academic Lectures

Since 2006, the Research Institute has invited many officials from famous universities, other research institutes and central departments to make academic reports on the Belt and Road Initiative.


(3) Main Research Results

1. The Research Institute has worked with China Academy of the Belt and Road Initiative, Beijing International Studies University, Chinese Academy of International Trade and Economic Cooperation, Ministry of Commerce, National Science and Technology Library and other units in publishing the 2016-2019 Blue Paper China “Belt and Road” Investment & Security Research Report and has received significant nationwide attention as a result.

2. The Belt and Road Integrated Economic and Cultural Development Book Series launched by the Research Institute have been included in the China’s 13th Five-year Plan for Key Books.

3. Since 217, the Research Institute has been successively granted 3 University Think Tank Content Construction projects by Shanghai Municipal Education Commission and has finished two of them.

4.  The multiple decision counseling reports produced by the Research Institute have been adopted successively by the General Office of the CPC, the General Office of Shanghai Municipal Committee and the Development Research Center of Shanghai Municipal People’s Government.

5. The theoretical articles produced by the Research Institute have been published in the Economics Section of Social Sciences in China.

6. Many of the theses produced by the Research Institute have been awarded the Outstanding Thesis Award of the China Belt and Road Doctoral Forum.


(4) Main Foreign Exchanges and Cooperation

The Research Institute has established long-term partnerships with China Academy of the Belt and Road Initiative and has conducted multiple academic exchanges with local governments, universities and research institutes in China. In terms of international cooperation, the Research Institute has also signed university-level letters of intent for cooperation with Russian and Bulgarian universities.


The Intent of Cooperation between the China Academy of the Belt and Road Initiative and Foreign Universities

The cooperation aims to provide best possible research projects and international research activities, such as the establishment of laboratories in both countries and the arrangement of regular exchanges between two countries to promote economic and cultural cooperation and exchanges between the governments, companies and the public of the two countries.