Sci-Tech Finance Institute of Shanghai and Modern Payment and Internet Finance Research Center

Sci-Tech Finance Institute of shanghai and Modern Payment and Internet Finance Research Center are research institutions under the independent establishment of Shanghai Lixin University of Accounting and Finance. It is also burdened with the task of the construction of Shanghai Finance Development Research Center (Center for Think-Tanks Research and Management in Shanghai). It focuses on new financial sectors and research on financial technology, payment settlement, green finance, credit risk, etc. By means of constructing open science and technology research cooperation platform and management mechanism, a think tank on the basis of universities is forged with distinctive characteristics, outstanding professional areas and regional influence. It is guided by the development demands of the country, Shanghai Municipality and industries. With international vision, it strikes its root in Shanghai and serves the whole country. It is dedicated to scientific research and social services. At the same time, it positively conducts exchanges and cooperation at home and abroad in politics, industries, study and research. It proposes suggestions and policies, as well as intellectual support for the benefit of the strategic needs of the country, the construction of five centers (one of the economic, financial, trade, shipping and science and technology innovation centers of the world) in Shanghai and the building of four municipal brands (Shanghai Service, Shanghai Manufacturing, Shanghai Shopping and Shanghai Culture).